Day One: Oakland to Rocky Gap


We made it! Day One is in the books. Today, we rode from from Oakland to Rocky Gap State Park for a total of 60 miles. Our journey took us up and down (including a 5 mile dramatic descent)  Backbone Mountain, then in to Westernport, Frostburg, Cumberland and finally we arrived at Rocky Gap State Park.

Day 1 Image

Below is the inspirational message we received from our friends in Malawi.

Please pray for us while we are gone. Below are some of the prayer requests that we have had from riders and crew:

For safety for all riders
For great weather; no rain
For stamina both physically and mentally
For our group to be good ambassadors for World Relief and Christ while we are riding
For our families who will be home
That our efforts would be a blessing to World Relief in Malawi and Cambodia

It’s not too late to support these amazing women and Ride/365.

Meet The 2014 Crew

kris baileyKris Bailey

Ride a bicycle for 365 miles??  Are you kidding??  No way!!

Now drive 365 miles?  Hand out snacks and drinks?  Read a map?  These things I can do.  Taking a quote from the movie Rain Man, “I’m an excellent driver.”

It is a privilege to participate in RIDE/365 as part of the crew.   I’m excited to help fund two World Relief programs that serve vulnerable women and children in Cambodia and Malawi.  I’ve had the privilege of seeing World Relief programs first-hand, and being a part of Ride365 is the least I can do to support this excellent work.  I am grateful for the opportunity to drive alongside those who are pedaling, as we all work to bring sustainable change. 

Thank you to my husband, Charles, and daughters, Katherine and Anne, for supporting me in this, and thank you for supporting RIDE/365!

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Anne_CarneyAnne Carney

I am excited to be part of the crew again this year that will support this outstanding effort. I was not super familiar with World Relief or Women Who Stand until I was approached by friends to participate in Ride 365. What I did know was this: these were amazing women who continually did amazing things and, if they were involved, I was in. So, I wanted to know more about these organizations and what they were all about. I encourage you to take a few minutes and browse the website. I hope it will move your heart as it has moved mine.

I am grateful to have this opportunity and, in my small way, help make a difference in the lives of women and children in Malawi and Cambodia served by World Relief programs. I want to thank my husband of 29 years, Bryan and my two girls, Kendall and Paige for holding down the fort while I am on the road. I hope you will consider supporting this effort as well!

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Kim_MeagherKim Meagher

I don’t care too much for bike riding, especially for long distances up and down mountains.  That being said, I do love World Relief.

Being part of the crew of RIDE/365 and the team photographer is a perfect way to avoid the bike rides I dislike and to support an organization that I love.  I had the joy and privilege of visiting the World Relief programs Cambodia this past winter and was so impressed with the positive impact their work is having in the lives of the most vulnerable in that country and in the lives of people around the world.  When I returned I was challenged by the blessings I have in my life, some blessings that are based solely on where I was born.  If I was born in a country like Cambodia or Malawi, my ability to feed my children, provide for their education, or care for their basic health needs would be much different that it is now.  By participating in RIDE/365, I feel that it is an opportunity for me to do what I can to bless those in need, and help provide for some of their basic needs through the World Relief programs we are supporting.  I hope you will consider joining me in blessing others.

I couldn’t do this without the support of my husband, Tony and my children: Tristan, Tyler, Allie, Kellen and Amalea.  I am grateful that they are joining me in this endeavor through their love and encouragement.

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