November Newsletter from Roberta

Moni Nonse – Hello Everyone!

Most of you are buttoning up your overcoats, but me, I’m sweltering in 100 degree heat. Makes it hard to think that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner! Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday. I love spending the day with family – preparing dinner, laughing, catching up, playing games, eating amazing food, taking the post-meal nap – no gift hype – just family and good friends. My favorite part is when we are gathered at the table and each person names things we’re most thankful for. I won’t be at that table this year, so I am envisioning a HUGE table with all of you seated around it, thanking God for all of YOU in my life!

‘Twas the season for church partners to come to Malawi to both see how their partnerships have enabled World Relief to expand their spheres of influence, and also to lead training sessions within those same communities – the better to deepen relationships and their understanding. In October a group came from 2nd Presbyterian Church in Memphis to serve in Ntchisi District. Pastor Graham did a 3-day training for pastors. He was astonished at the low-level of training these pastors receive, and how they soak up the teachings like sponges – desiring more. The other training conducted was of the caregivers for the Community-based Childcare Centers (pre-schools). These men and women are all volunteers who have received but very basic training and so have very limited skills and resources. They were so pleased to learn simple, interactive, educational games. They laughed, they cheered – they had a blast! It was particularly rewarding to see that many of the caregivers are men and are very committed to these kids and their growth, not only in academic education, but tying in spiritual lessons at every opportunity.

PRAISES – One of the WR field coordinators told me about an 8 yr. old girl he came across that had a deep leg wound that wouldn’t heal. She had been to the local hospital, but they hadn’t done anything significant. The wound was months old and getting worse to the point that she was unable to go to school or church. Her peers were steering clear of and taunting her because of the smell. I was able to pick her up at a very remote location, bring her to Lilongwe to Partners in Hope, an excellent clinic. Dr. Jansen had to anesthetize her, scrub out the wound (fortunately it had not reached the bone) and show her brother how to clean and bandage it. Recently I took her back to Dr. Jansen. We were both amazed at how the wound has now closed over completely! She is back in school and church and is a very happy girl. What a joy to have been part of her happy ending.  Wonder how many other “Joyce’s” are out there without anyone to attend to them?


PRAYER REQUESTS – As the rainy season approaches, most field communities become impossibly impassible – which, for me means more time in the office. Rainy season here is very important to the majority of people who are subsistence farmers. It could be literally feast or famine. Please pray for good rains. Also, rumor has it that Malawi is about to experience another fuel crisis. Prices have already increased. When this happened before, it was a tremendous hardship for all of us who experienced L-O-N-G lines and lots of wasted time.. PLEASE do pray that somehow this can be averted. Don’t really know the ins and outs of why, but God can overrule whatever those reasons are.

In September I celebrated 2 years in Malawi – time for a hoIiday!  I will take a Christmas break and go to Cape town, S. Africa, with 2 S. African friends as my hosts and guides. I am looking forward to seeing a MOVIE in a THEATER, and seeing the beautiful sites there – mountains AND ocean!  With that said, I wish you all a Blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas. May you take the time to contemplate in a deeper way, the indescribable gift of Jesus and may the world know of Christ and His Love because of you!

With much love, Roberta

The Why of World Relief: The advocacy unit at World Relief speaks up for those who cannot speak for themselves (Proverbs 31:8) because meeting a person’s holistic needs means also addressing root causes for a person being in oppression or a situation of injustice.  We advocate because we know that God loves justice and hates injustice (Psalm 11:5, 7) and also because Jesus Christ himself was humanity’s ultimate advocate, taking on the sins of the world and advocating on our behalf before God (1 John 2:1-2).  ) and also because Jesus Christ himself was humanity’s ultimate advocate, taking on the sins of the world and advocating on our behalf before God, by recognizing the reality of “what is” and influencing public attitudes and polices so that a vision of “what should be” is realized in a just and decent society.  As part of God’s redemptive plan for all of humanity, seeking justice is a straightforward command of God for his people and part of Christ’s prayer that his Father’s will be done “on earth it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10)