Who We Are

WOMEN WHO STAND/BALTIMORE is a volunteer advocacy group of World Relief working to coordinate, educate and motivate 1,000 women in Baltimore to improve the health and safety of 1,000 women in Malawi and Cambodia by empowering them to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and human trafficking.


In Baltimore
In Baltimore, Women Who Stand works with local churches to live out our mission of improving the health and safety of women by serving local community members suffering from HIV/AIDS and advocating for the end og human-trafficking.

In Malawi and Cambodia
In Malawi and Cambodia, World Relief equips church leaders to teach Biblically based HIV/AIDS prevention methods like abstinence and fidelity. In Cambodia, World Relief programs like Maternal and Child Health and Child Development incorporate anti-trafficking lessons.  By empowering village leaders, parents and children with the skills to stop human traffickers, young girls and boys are kept safe from prostitution and slavery.

17 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. I am a Malawian woman now a resident of Baltimore, heard about this organization on the radio this morning and would like to join contribute my services to this good course. How do I go about doing this.

  2. Hello, Women Who Stand! I’ve started the Baltimore chapter of Women of Vision in the past year; we are a support ministry of World Vsion so we serve locally and support globally! We have been involved in advocacy for human trafficking legislation recently. Sounds like we have the same prayers and burdens on our hearts! Maybe we’ll be able to join hands and hearts
    in service sometime!

  3. I am a Malawian working with World Relief in Malawi. Women Who Stand, thank you for Standing with us to serve the most vulnerable in Malawi and Cambodia. You are an inspiration. You are a demonstration of how women can allow God to use them to be a blessing to the world. God Bless You!!

  4. Women’s Library in Cambodia:
    If you have a chance to participate in the annual bike race in Siem Reap, Cambodia, make sure you visit the Women’s Library there! I had a chance to visit last year and they are an amazing and unique resource for women, working to end exploitation, human trafficking and poverty, through providing the education women were not allowed to get when they were girls in Cambodia. You can learn more about the Women’s Library at their web site: GetSet-Go.org
    It’s run by a US non-profit.

  5. Iam a passionate woman working with World Relief Malawi in a Project called Tiwalere(Lets raise children up)Whose goal is to improve the welfare of children and women.Your ministry is a gift in Malawi and Cambodia for supporting us to touch the lives of many.Your generosity to the needy is a typical example of Christ’s ministry.May God bless you abundantly for opening your arms.

  6. Hello Women Who Stand,

    My name is Sara and I would love to get involved with these much needed causes. Please let me know when and how I can start! I look forward to hearing from you!


    • Hi Sara,
      Follow our blog and like us on facebook (Women Who Stand) and you will be able to see events that we have planned. Right now, the only thing that is in the works is a bike ride across the state of Maryland in September of 2014. More events will be added in the coming months. Stay tuned.

  7. Thank you! i will be sure to do so. Let me know if you need help with any planning or coordinating with the the bike ride event.


  8. I got to meet these wonderful women today while I was on a local bike ride! I couldn’t help but notice the glow about each one of them and after 4 days of riding they ALL had beautiful smiles~ I was so glad to meet them. I will pray for you all and for the people you are helping. Maybe I will be able to be a part of your ride next year! Thank you!

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