Day One: Oakland to Rocky Gap


We made it! Day One is in the books. Today, we rode from from Oakland to Rocky Gap State Park for a total of 60 miles. Our journey took us up and down (including a 5 mile dramatic descent)  Backbone Mountain, then in to Westernport, Frostburg, Cumberland and finally we arrived at Rocky Gap State Park.

Day 1 Image

Below is the inspirational message we received from our friends in Malawi.

Please pray for us while we are gone. Below are some of the prayer requests that we have had from riders and crew:

For safety for all riders
For great weather; no rain
For stamina both physically and mentally
For our group to be good ambassadors for World Relief and Christ while we are riding
For our families who will be home
That our efforts would be a blessing to World Relief in Malawi and Cambodia

It’s not too late to support these amazing women and Ride/365.

One thought on “Day One: Oakland to Rocky Gap

  1. Living in the DRC one is constantly amazed by developments both big and small. Despite literally living ‘under the volcano’ World Relief and its staff continue to build peace, increase food security, provide care and treatment to survivors of violence, do health education, empower local churches, grow village savings groups and provide small loans to thousands and thousands of poor but incredibly strong women through our microfinance bank, HEKIMA. We send our greetings and thanks to the Women Who Stand and acknowledge the incredible example you have set with your stamina and spirit throughout your ride. I am also so pleased that you were welcomed by my elder son at the Westminster Best Western — the world is indeed a very small place! On behalf of all of us here in the DRC we say in Swahili, ‘Asanteni sana wote na Mungu awabariki!’ — many thanks and may God bless you all!

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