ReDiscovering Lent-April 12

April_1212 April – Rhona Murungi, Program Officer, East Africa Great Lakes Region – What does the Lord need?

Luke 19:28-44

Many things must have happened leading up to the Lord’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem. That a significant portion of this passage is spent detailing the acquisition of his mode of transportation – a never-before ridden colt – is puzzling and prone to various interpretations. But above all, what stays with me in these verses is one phrase; “The Lord needs it.” What a simple explanation, met by an equally simple response! That the Lord needed the colt seemed reason enough for the owners – we are not told their station or situation in life – to give freely what was needed for the Lord’s use.

May it be that when the Lord needs us, or anything in our ability to give, that we would not only be sensitive enough to recognize his request, but also follow through in our response – in faith and trust that the “Colt” (whatever that stands for in our lives) was God’s in the first place, and that if He needs it, He probably has better use for it than we ever would. I find that the more responsive I am to his requests of me, the more keenly aware I become of my abiding need for him to be manifest in my own life!

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