ReDiscovering Lent-April 10


10 April – Emily Gray, Office Director, World Relief Aurora/DuPage – Hidden in Christ

Colossians 3:1-15

What does it mean to have a life hidden in Christ? His sufferings and death, which we remember especially during this Lenten season, gives us the opportunity for life… but not just any life. We can live a life that is both one with and covered up by the glorious life of the Savior of the World.

If we are truly hidden, then when others look at us they really see Jesus. What an awesome thing! Knowing we are covered by His life should compel us to live as He lived; to love as He loved. We do not seek to show compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, or patience in order to make ourselves like Him. We, instead, reflect these things because He has already made us like Him. It’s not that we will be hidden, some day in the distant future, but that we are hidden today in Him. He has surrounded us. Our lives, in all their brokenness and failure, are totally out of sight inside Christ in God. Praise God!

Think of the mascot at a basketball game. We know it is just a costume and there is a person inside but what we see outside is a tiger or a warrior or a bulldog. The person who gets the job of being the mascot must study and practice to take on the mannerisms and the life of the character being portrayed. The life of the college student is hidden inside the character. The point is not for the student to be seen, but for the character to come to life for those in the crowd.

But Jesus is not a costume we put on. We put on His nature, His life, and His mission in the world.

Jesus came to save dying people living in a hurting world. He brought with him compassion and love, peace and justice. Now He sends us out into the world to be His hands, His feet, His voice. When we humbly show kindness to the oppressed, gentleness to the stranger, compassion to the hurting, and love to those the world has forgotten, it is His very life that is seen.

May everyone we meet today see Him.

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