ReDiscovering Lent-March 14

March1414 March – Casely Essamuah, Bay Area Community Church, World Relief Board Member

Exodus 3: 7 “I have seen…I have heard…I am concerned”. (NIV)

One of the ways that Christians enjoy intimacy with God is through prayer. In prayer, we share our innermost needs with the God who created us and loves us. And, yet, our praying would be futile if God Himself were not a God who sees, hears, and is concerned with our life circumstances. No matter our state in life, we are always grateful for God’s presence and enabling Spirit. This week it is a friend who lost a father, barely six months after burying a mother. Last week, it was a teenage mother struggling to find a caring home for her baby as she pursues her education. A church continues to find ways of funding all its programs as its members face economic hardships. A family realizes that they do not have margin in their time for every sporting activity in which their teenage son would like to participate. The good people of South Sudan wait with bated breath for the return of normalcy so that they can build their lives as they had wanted to prior to December 15, 2013.

Life throws us into situations in which it would be easy to ask in despair, “Where is God?” And, yet, as we look at God’s saving act in bringing out His chosen people from bondage, we know that He is a God who sees, hears, and is concerned. As we look at the cross and what Jesus Christ has done for us, we can see that God has seen our plight, God has heard our cries, and God has done something about our greatest need – salvation. We thank God that, in Jesus Christ, the great I AM shows us that God cares!

Give thanks to God for whatever state in which you find yourself. Reflect on those in your circle of friends and family. Who needs to hear that God sees, God hears, and God is concerned? How can you be an answer to someone’s prayer?


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