Breakfast of Poverty Fighting Champions!

ONE-LOGOSaturday, November 16, 10:00 AM

Central Presbyterian Church
7308 York Rd
Towson, MD 21204

Join us for breakfast, fun, and prizes on Saturday, Nov. 16th at 10am! We’re mobilizing ONE members around Baltimore to defend life-saving programs that battle extreme poverty and preventable disease. Programs that provide vaccines, life-saving medicine, assistance to farmers and boost opportunities in Africa are under threat in Congress unless we make our voices heard. In the lead up to World AIDS Day, we want to let our elected officials know that we have made great strides, but there is more work to be done. We will write letters to Congress, beef up our social media skills, plan a 10th Anniversary Kickoff event for January and of course, have some fun! Bring a friend!

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Ride/365 – 2013 – A Final Post

DSC_4197thank youEveryone has been home for a month, and bodies have recovered from the ride, but our hearts are still full of the love, support, gifts, prayers of our families, friends and supporters of Ride365.  The ride was, again, a beautiful thing to watch.  We all come to this event from different places and different seasons in our lives, but at some point along the way, we become a team that works together to inspire, encourage and love each other. 

Our biggest challenge this year wasn’t the hills or the mileage, but rather it was the concern and worry we had for our teammate, Kathy, when she got hurt on Saturday.  At the celebration on Sunday, Dan Brose from World Relief talked about how worried we all were for Kathy, how we kept asking ourselves what we could have done to have prevent it, and what could we do right then to help her.  Dan went on to remind us of all the mothers in Cambodia, whose daughter disappears because she is sold to traffickers, and the families in Malawi who are destroyed by AIDS.  These brothers and sisters around the world feel the same pain that we felt… ours lasted a day but theirs can last a lifetime. 

 With all of your help and support, we were able to raise $42,000.  So just as we wondered what we, as a team, could have done to prevent Kathy’s traumatic accident, we recognized we were a part of another team whose mission, in part, is prevention. World Relief works to prevent children from being trafficked, or families from being destroyed by the devastation of AIDS. 

 Oftentimes we are tempted into thinking that we, as individuals cannot make an effective change in the lives of the vulnerable in our world. How could we possibly make a difference? Yet when we consider the adage,”the whole is larger than the sum of its parts”, we are reminded that together, as a unified team of WR staff both here and abroad, cyclists, crew, and sponsors, we can affect the lives of those in need in a positive way. When we as a group of individuals with a shared goal combine efforts, talents and abilities we have impact and that impact brings life to others. 

 Thanks for being on the team!