Day Three: Westminster to Street

What a beautiful day to be out riding.

DSC_3602emailThe riders rode through familiar territory in Parkton and had lunch at Renee Pretorious’ house.  While they were there, they were worked on by physical therapist, Steve Kinsey, of Hereford Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. What a treat for their aching bodies.

DSC_3721emailAfter lunch the riders continued on through Jarrettsville and enjoyed seeing their supporters from Central Presbyterian Church.  They were very entertaining and encouraged the riders up a tough hill.

We finished the day in Street, Maryland. While it was another long day and bodies were tired, the riders still found strength to praise God for another great day on the road.

DSC_4145emailRecovery day was still tough and we ask that you pray for renewed spirits and refreshed bodies tomorrow as we bike another 90 miles. Tomorrow’s ride takes us from the Conowingo Dam to the Eastern Shore.

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