Day One: Deep Creek to Rocky Gap

One down, four to go! We had a great first day for the ride.  We gathered to start at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Oakland, Maryland.  The pastor was there to pray for our ride and then we were off.

The ride began with a dramatic descent down Backbone Mountain.  Fortunately no one needed to use the runaway truck ramps and we only had one minor incident with a flat tire on the way down.

Thankfully our trusty mechanic, John was around to help.

We continued through Westernport to Frostburg before having lunch in Cumberland. Chick-Fil-A graciously provided lunch for our group and we received a warm welcome from the customers that were there. After lunch we continued on to finish the day arriving at Rocky Gap Resort after riding 60 miles.

Throughout the day, our riders focused on two prayer cards, one from Cambodia and one from Malawi.

In addition to praying for our brothers and sisters in Cambodia and Malawi, the riders were entertained by the crew members along the way.

We’d like to thank Rocky Gap for giving us a substantial discount which allowed for our group to stay.  It is a wonderful way to relax and recover before starting Day 2.


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