Ride/365 Training

Left to right: Eric Frey, Andrea Pecunes, Mike Batley, Sarah Batley, Esther Frey, Debbie Foreman, Holly Kosten, Dan Kosten, Ethan Frey

We are two weeks away from starting RIDE/365.  Some of the riders did a 50 mile training ride this weekend, but what made this one different and special is that some family members were able to join in.  This ride couldn’t happen without the support and encouragement of family and friends.  You can be part of the support team, too, by…

1.  Donating to support one of the riders at www.worldrelief.org/ride365
2.  Join us NOW in praying for the safety of these riders, both in their training and during the ride itself.  We can also be praying for the health and safety of the people in Cambodia and Malawi for whom we are riding.
3.  Be a part of the “Welcome Home” party on Sunday, September 23.  Watch for more details.

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