BIKE/365 Training Ride

A bicycle ride for 365 miles doesn’t just happen on a whim.  It takes a lot of training and preparation on the part of the bikers.

Green shirt: Lee Daugherty, Blue shirt: Melissa Otterbein, Black shirt – Sarah Batley

Part of that training included a 75 mile bike ride this past Saturday from Towson to Parkton, around Prettyboy, to Reisterstown and then back to Towson.  For the non-Marylanders reading this post, this is long and challenging ride with lots of hills and on some busy roads.  The ride really brought people together as a team.  There was laughter, encouragement, groans and determination.  It was inspirational to see their commitment to this ride and to supporting the World Relief programs for which they are riding.

Blue shirt: Esther Frey, Short sleeve black – Debbie, Green shirt – Lee Daugherty, Blue shirt – Melissa Otterbein, Black in the back – Sarah Batley

Will you consider supporting their commitment?  Go to to donate.

Blue in front: Kathy Vaselkiv, Middle in green: Lee Daugherty, Back: Sarah Batley

Meet the Crew

Kris Bailey

Ride a bicycle for 365 miles??  Are you kidding??  No way!!

Now drive 365 miles?  Hand out snacks and drinks?  Read a map?  These things I can do.  Taking a quote from the movie Rain Man, “I’m an excellent driver.”

It is a privilege to participate in RIDE/365 as part of the crew.  And I’m excited to help fund two World Relief programs that serve vulnerable women and children in Cambodia and Malawi.  I’ve had the privilege of visiting Cambodia and seeing the poverty, the limited services for those at risk, and the children whose black hair is now rust-colored from poor nutrition.  The ability to grow the moringa tree, which is so high in nutritional value, can be the difference between life and death for people with HIV, and can bring new hope of sustainable nutrition to families and communities.  And then, as a mother of two children, it is moving to be part of providing an opportunity for children in Malawi to go to school, children who normally would not have that option.

Thank you to my husband, Charles, and daughters, Katherine and Anne, for supporting me in this, and thank you for supporting RIDE/365!


Anne Carney

I am excited to be part of the crew that will support this outstanding effort. I was not super familiar with World Relief or Women Who Stand until I was approached by friends to participate in Ride 365.  What I did know was this: these were amazing women who continually did amazing things and, if they were involved, I was in. So, I wanted to know more about these organizations and what they were all about. I encourage you to take a few minutes and browse the website.  I hope it will move your heart as it has moved mine.

I am grateful to have this opportunity and, in my small way, help make a difference in the lives of 500 school children in Malawi and thousand of malnourished lives in cambodia. Scripture reminds us that living for the good of others is not a choice, but an obligation. I want to thank my husband of 27 years, Bryan and my two girls, Kendall and Paige for holding down the fort while I am on the road.  I hope you will consider supporting this effort as well!


Kim Meagher

I don’t care too much for bike riding, especially for long distances up and down mountains.  That being said, I do love World Relief.

Being part of the crew of RIDE/365 and the team photographer is a perfect way to avoid the bike rides I dislike and to support an organization that I love.  I had the joy and privilege of visiting the World Relief programs Cambodia this past winter and was so impressed with the positive impact their work is having in the lives of the most vulnerable in that country and in the lives of people around the world.  When I returned I was challenged by the blessings I have in my life, some blessings that are based solely on where I was born.  If I was born in a country like Cambodia or Malawi, my ability to feed my children, provide for their education, or care for their basic health needs would be much different that it is now.  By participating in RIDE/365, I feel that it is an opportunity for me to do what I can to bless those in need, and help provide for some of their basic needs through the World Relief programs we are supporting.  I hope you will consider joining me in blessing others.

I couldn’t do this without the support of my husband, Tony and my children: Tristan, Tyler, Allie, Kellen and Amalea.  I am grateful that they are joining me in this endeavor through their love and encouragement.


Tambry Brose

So many people I know have good intentions, a desire to serve, and a genuine call or drive to “DO” something for the poor and suffering around the world, or even here in the U.S. The needs are overwhelming and we usually don’t even know where to begin when it comes to giving or serving.  My family and I have spent more than 7 years living in Rwanda, Burundi and other parts of Africa, where we have experienced firsthand the desperate needs of the poor.  And I have participated in and seen the life-changing transformation of those touched by World Relief reaching out in Jesus’ name. I am excited to be part of this team that is passionate about raising awareness and support for the plight of women and children in Cambodia and Malawi who suffer daily from malnutrition, lack of education, and abject poverty. I am thankful that I can support the team by being on the crew, encouraging them however possible. 365 miles is a long way and a lot of hours on a bike, but I know that I and my teammates consider any discomfort worth the effort if it will bring even a little relief and hope to our suffering brothers and sisters in Cambodia and Malawi. I hope that you might see this as a worthy cause and join in supporting our ride.

Thank you!


Meet the Riders

Debbie Foreman

As a mother to four teenage /young adult children, Scott, and soon to be daughter-in-law, Deirdre, Brooke, Adam and Blair , I currently find myself in a midlife season with fewer responsibilities  on the home front than in years past. As a result, I am asking myself what this next season of life might look like. Since the inception of my involvement with Women Who Stand, I have been increasingly impressed to consider the resources I might offer that can benefit others, especially those who have few, if any advocates in their lives. This particular biking challenge allows me to utilize good  health as a resource to promote wellness on behalf of others. Since traveling to Cambodia with Women Who Stand this winter, and observing first hand the work of World Relief, I am convinced that SITTING on a bike and riding  for 5 days covering 365 miles is a most effective way to STAND, to actively align myself with the heart of God who says , to”speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, speak  for the rights of those who are destitute.” Proverbs 31:8. I am so thankful for my family’s support in this effort, especially that of  my husband Paul.


Kathy Vaselkiv

Ride/365 allows me to bring together two things I love – bicycling and World Relief – though I’m not sure riding will stay at the top of my list after 365 miles. World Relief’s work in Malawi and Cambodia embodies its mission statement of empowering the church to serve the most vulnerable. In Cambodia, members of village churches are trained by World Relief to meet the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of those in their cell churches and communities. I am excited that the funds raised by Ride/365 will enable these local heroes to bring the nutritional benefit of moringa plants to their neighbors, especially those living with HIV/AIDS. It will also permit churches and community groups in Malawi to provide school fees and supplies to those orphaned by the HIV/AIDs epidemic.

I was blessed to visit Cambodia with several of the Ride/365 women in February and Malawi with my husband, three children and four other families in 2006. I am so grateful to my husband, Mark, for his encouragement and generosity in supporting my participation in this ride and so many other endeavors. As a World Relief board member since 2006, I have been privileged to meet many dedicated World Relief staff and volunteers in the US, where World Relief works with refugees and immigrants, and overseas where World Relief engages in sustainable community relief and development work. I am excited by the opportunity provided by Ride/365 to introduce many others to this wonderful organization that empowers the vulnerable to improve their lives, serve their communities, and experience the love of Christ.


Lee Daugherty

“OK, I’m in. What could be better than spending 5 days on a bicycle surrounded by amazing women from right here in Maryland who are committed to supporting and improving the lives of amazing but often voiceless women in Malawi and Cambodia?”

Economics isn’t a huge part of my job as an ICU physician and medical researcher, but I feel pretty certain that riding 365 miles to support 365 days of work in Malawi and Cambodia is good deal! I am equally certain that my family, friends, and even my dog Sam think I am a little nuts to try.  I am honored to have their unwavering support, nonetheless. I am equally honored to have a very small place in supporting the lives of women whom I will never meet but who undoubtedly are far braver and stronger than I.

So, friends, let’s do this!


Allison Gerbereux

I am very excited to join this group of women on Ride 365. For the past 7 years, I have loved to ride my bike throughout Baltimore County to either enjoy a long, beautiful ride with good friends  or to train for a triathlon. My bike rides have actually been all about me and what I need on a particular day.

When Kathy Vaselkiv approached me about participating in ride 365, I was very intrigued but my initial reaction was ” I can’t do it!” However, God has recently been tugging at my heart to do something more. I have thought about mission trips overseas or serving on a weekly basis with young children in Baltimore City. However, I have had to realize that my mission field right now is at home in Towson with my three young children and husband.

After praying about this ride, I began to think that I could surely ride my bike for 5 days and 365 miles to help raise money for the health and safety of many women and children in Cambodia and Malawi. It is amazing what these women have to overcome in order to provide for their families. I am looking forward to this ride while trying to help the efforts of World Relief.


Beth Behrle

I always love a physical challenge, and some of the challenges I have conquered include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp.  This RIDE/365 will allow me to challenge myself while benefiting others.  My hope is that by participating in RIDE/365, I can raise funds to help women and children in Cambodia and Malawi conquer the daily challenges they face in life.

I have seen poverty in other countries, and have learned that we are all so very lucky.  It is the least I can do to help those less fortunate.  I am grateful for the opportunity to “pedal” along side World Relief as they work to bring sustainable change in Malawi and Cambodia.

Is it the journey, the destination, or the ride?  It’s the ride that provides the challenge, but it’s the cause that makes it worth it.

My name is Beth; I have four children between the ages of 17 to 24.  I am thankful for my friends’ and family’s support, in particular, my husband, Tom, who has always been my biggest supporter.


Esther Frey

Riding a bike is part of who I am.  I met my husband on a bike ride.  I took my children to day care in a bike trailer.  We often include bicycling as part of family vacations, and our son races mountain bikes.

At our church I have heard about Women Who Stand/Baltimore and have been looking for opportunities to become involved.  RIDE/365 seems like the perfect opportunity.  It is great to use my love of cycling to help the programs that we are riding to support. I am excited that the money raised by RIDE/365 will help provide school supplies and uniforms to children in Malawi so that children in vulnerable situations can also have a good education.  And, as a very novice gardener, I understand crop failures.  I, however, have the luxury to garden as a hobby, not as a means to feed my family.  By riding, I know I am helping to provide good nutrition for women and children who struggle with poor health.

Riding 365 miles in 5 days will make me tired and sore.  While it is in no way equivalent to the suffering associated with grinding poverty, it does represent a deeper commitment to solving and caring about the problem.  I am excited to be taking that additional step. I am excited to participate in a more tangible way, to share this commitment, to get to know the other riders, to get others involved, and to help spread the message about the issues and what World Relief is doing to bring positive change in the lives of others.

I want to thank my family and friends for supporting me in this opportunity, especially my husband, Eric, who encouraged me to participate and who slows down so we can ride together.


Sarah Batley

Maybe you are like me and you know little of women’s suffering and plight in places Malawi and Cambodia.  Maybe you have a passion, (one of mine is biking), and marrying your passion with actual needs in the world honestly feels too good to be true.  When I discovered that the entire RIDE/365 had been underwritten, and that every penny raised would actually ending up serving women across the globe, I was hooked.

I look forward to discovering more about what life is like for women in Malawi and Cambodia and how World Relief’s efforts are breaking down barriers of poverty and defeat.  The actual ‘challenge’ of the ride is miniscule in comparison to the challenges women face around the globe.  I know that in attempting this challenge that I will have the privilege of riding my bike, with old friends and new, across a beautiful state while sleeping and eating comfortably.  I ride not for solidarity with the suffering but simply because we live in a country, state and city with abundance.  I want to learn more, help you understand more and together make a difference.

A little about me; I have a faith in God that both challenges and brings joy to my days.  My husband is a better cyclist than I and in addition to teaching me to enjoy all kinds of craft beers, has been my loudest cheerleader.  My four teenage boys are the subject of much of my prayers and the cause of most of my laughter.


Melissa Otterbein

“We get one story, you and I, and one story alone. God has established the elements, the setting, the climax and the resolution. It would be a crime not to venture out, wouldn’t it?” – Donald Miller, Through Painted Deserts

What a joy it is to be surrounded by passionate women, whose idea of a fundraiser is biking 365 miles through Maryland’s hills and watersheds. These are the same passionate women I had the incredible opportunity to travel with back in February to meet women from Cambodia who are involved World Relief programs in Phnom Penh and surrounding villages. Their faces and stories are forever etched in my mind. For me, this bike ride is a symbolic journey of remembering the power of global sisterhood, seeing women rise and come together across the world to forge friendships, build strength, and to grow through adversity. Thank you to all of the sponsors and volunteers who make this ride possible!


Andrea Pecunes

I’m thrilled to be part of RIDE/365. My work as a personal trainer is all about helping people reach their health and wellness goals. With this ride, though, I will be able to help women, children and families in Cambodia and Malawi reach a higher level of health and wellness. I never thought I could be a “personal trainer” for people on the other side of the world. RIDE/365 will be a challenge for me, but my biggest challenge has been raising six children, Nicholas, Alecsander, Dimitri, Madeleine, Yianni & Isabella, along with my husband, Ben.    Caring for a family is overwhelming, but I am blessed to have access to health care, education and food that we have in our country.   I do look forward to helping to provide health, food and education to the people in Cambodia and Malawi through World Relief’s programs.