A Big Thanks to Race Pace

A 365 mile bike ride is not something you can undertake alone. Women Who Stand would like to extend a huge “Thank You” to Race Pace (www.racepacebicycles.com), one of our ride sponsors. They are providing amazing pre-ride support in the way of bike repair classes, bike fittings, bike tune-ups, yoga lessons for riders, nutritional tips, and discounts on merchandise. Also, for the ride itself, they are sending us with equipment and tools for any kind of repair we might need.

This past Sunday evening, some of the riders attended the first of two bike repair classes. Nik & Spencer from Race Pace taught the riders how to fix a flat tire and each rider was able to practice changing their tubes. They were also led the group through some yoga stretches which will help keep riders limber after a long ride. Finally, they shared thoughts on keeping adequately fed and hydrated on the ride.

Esther Frey (green), Debbie Foreman (white) and Allison Gerbereux (blue) learning how to fix a flat tire.

Esther Frey and Debbie Foreman changing their tubes with the help of Mark Vaselkiv.

Beth Behrle working on her tire.

Thanks again Race Pace. You guys are awesome!

To learn more about Ride/365, visit our website at www.worldrelief.org/ride365.

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