February Update From Roberta

Faithful Friends,

Even with the extra day in Feb. I still didn’t manage to get my newsletter out on time!   Like February, my newsletter this month will be short due to the fact that it’s been kind of quiet on the WR front, but God has been working behind the scenes with exciting, upcoming opportunities – and overtime in other ministry areas.

As a volunteer, it’s taken some time for me to find and settle into just the right place in the WR Malawi team.  This month we had a delightful visit from Delali Bonuedi  Program Coordinator at WR HQ. He had some excellent observations and suggestions about how WRM can most effectively use me to best serve them. We’ve re-strategized a bit and are taking a new tack with regard to my focus.  I will start doing much more frequent and intentional visits to our other site offices and into the field. This will require that I travel by motorcycle (not driving-hanging on for dear life!) to reach the people who live the stories I want to relate. I will visit individuals, families, support groups, farming/chicken/pig projects etc. My purpose will be to spend longer periods of time with one particular person or group. Together we will visit the churches they represent, the gardens they grow, the support groups they lead, the businesses they’ve started, the clients they minister to, so I can have and give a more complete picture of their daily lives and work, and how WR has had a holistic, lasting impact on them.  Beginning next week I will travel to Ntchisi for 2 days, then the following week to Salima to interview and spend the day with some folks with some great stories of inspiration, hope and lives renewed.  We also talked about setting up a World Relief Malawi FaceBook page where I can post stories on a more frequent basis.

The once fledgling orphan/women’s center (see my Jan. blog at www.malawimatters.tumbler.com) has taken off like a rocket.  I do not have time nor space to tell of the amazing work God is doing through this ministry and how He has provided miraculously, marvelously more than we could ask or imagine. At times I feel that I can hardly stand under the shower and power of His blessings!  We are official as Women and The Church Ministries Ltd. I will be writing more on my blog and posting pics and a video sometime after March 10th when we start the women on soap-making  – a huge step and milestone for WTCM! I am attaching something a friend sent me on FaceBook that aptly describes living in Africa, with all its seeming contradictions, all its splendor and pain, all its beauty and horror – a continent of utmost paradox.  I’d love to hear your own thoughts about it.

Be blessed – be thankful. I am so thankful to and for each of you reading this.


2 thoughts on “February Update From Roberta

  1. Thanks Roberta for the inspiring update. I just love hearing from you and the work you are doing in His Awesome Name! Thank you for taking the time to keep us inspired! Hang on toghtly on that motorbike as you move about the country side. Blessings friend.
    We loved this when WWS were in Cambodia–for you now:
    “If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me; your right hand will hold me fast.” Psalm 139:9-10
    Nancy L.

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