Book Club Week Three Study Guide

Women Who Stand
Winter Book Group
When Helping Hurts
Week 3

Chapter 4: Not All Poverty is Created Equal

How would you define relief, rehabilitation, and development? Can you give an example of each? Consider the last time you volunteered somewhere. Were you volunteering in relief, rehabilitation, or development?

Describe some key points of effective relief (pgs. 109 + 110).

The authors list five types of paternalism. What are they and what are some characteristics of each? (pgs. 115-118)

Reflect on the following quote from pg. 120: “It is much simpler to drop food out of airplanes or to ladle soup out of bowls than it is to develop long-lasting, time-consuming relationships with poor people, which may be emotionally exhausting. Third, it is easier to get donor money for relief than for development. ‘We fed a thousand people today’ sounds better to donors than, ‘We hung out and developed relationships with a dozen people today.’” How can we become better advocates in our church and in our community for quality (people and processes) over quantity (projects and products)?

Chapter 5: Give me Your Tired, Your Poor, and Their Assets

Describe the goal of ABCD (pgs. 126-128). Have you ever witnessed someone use this approach in ministry/serving/relationships?

Describe the asset mapping, participatory learning and action (PLA), and appreciative inquiry (AI) models of ABCD. What are your thoughts on such models? How can you try to incorporate these tools into your ministry/volunteer opportunities/relationships?

Chapter 6: McDevelopment: Over 2.5 Billion People NOT Served

Read the middle paragraph on pg. 144 beginning with, “A learning process approach increases the likelihood that the project will work well.” What questions or thoughts does this principle raise for you? Can you think of examples in which an organization or individuals have included the full participation of the poor?

Consider the Participatory Continuum on page 148. What modes of participation do you see as being the most effective? Least effective? Causing damage?

Upcoming Events:

Weds. 3/7: Evening with Joanne DeBelen & WWS Cambodia participants; Central Presbyterian Church

Thurs. 3/8: Final winter book group meeting- discuss chapters 7, 8, 9; Towson Public Library

Spring book group—late April? Ideas/suggestions encouraged!

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HopeSprings presents “The Journey”

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“The Journey” is scheduled to be at NEBO Christian Ministries

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Thursdays March 8-29, 6:00-8:00PM

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Volunteer Opportunity with HopeSprings

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Saturday, March 3, 2012
9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Sheraton City Center Hotel
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If you can dedicate at least half a day to volunteering with Baltimore youth, please contact Carmi Washington Flood at