And Tomorrow We’re Off

Excerpt from Dangerous Surrender by Kay Warren

“When members from my church are preparing to go on a short-term international trip, they frequently ask, ‘What will we do while we’re there?’  I tell them, ‘Perhaps the most important thing you will do is just show up’…  What I’m suggesting is that in our hurry to do something, it’s easy to rush past the people we’re visiting.  There will always be a need for action, for tangible solutions to complex problems.  But as Christ-followers, let’s be sure to be with people – to look them in the eye and listen to their story, to spend a few moments entering into their experiences, whether joyful or painful.  This is how the invisible God becomes visible.”

As a reminder to those who know, and information for those who don’t, tomorrow, some Women Who Stand/Baltimore members are off to Cambodia to, as Kay Warren writes, “show up.”  We will visit World Relief’s programs in Cambodia.  As you know, WWS/Baltimore is committed to supporting World Relief’s programs in Cambodia, particularly the HIV and anti-trafficking programs.   We are looking forward to “entering the experiences” of the people we meet who are served by these programs.  We are excited to hear God speak to us, individually and corporately, through these experiences.

We will share regular updates with you, including stories of the people we meet and the programs we see.    Feel free to share any questions in “Comments.”  We covet your prayers:

– for safe travel and health.

– for our eyes, ears, hearts and minds to be open to what God wants us to see and learn.

– for order and peace with the families we leave at home. 

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