Working to Stop the Problem Before it Starts

The attached article from the New York Times is a painful account of one girl’s experience with being trafficked in Cambodia.

Worldwide, estimates of the number of trafficked individuals range in the hundreds of thousands. While a number of groups in Cambodia are working to rescue and rehabilitate victims of the trafficking trade, World Relief Cambodia’s vision is to stop the problem before it starts.

While many in Cambodia focus on anti-trafficking, few emphasize prevention. The vast majority focus on rescue and rehabilitation. Such programs are, of course, essential to combating trafficking in Cambodia, but World Relief strongly believes that prevention-oriented programs have the ability to reduce the demand for aftercare services and to mitigate the impact of trafficking on Cambodian society.

World Relief’s anti-trafficking unit in Cambodia provides ongoing training and follow-up on trafficking prevention, community protection, and safe migration, woven within its existing programs ensuring an integrated approach to anti-trafficking.

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