3-4 Volunteers Still Needed for Disney on Ice

Volunteers Needed Immediately!

This Friday, October 28 @ 6:00pm – Disney on Ice: Serve as a Family!!

Do you want to volunteer with HopeSprings and see Disney on Ice for only $10 per ticket next Friday?  4-5 volunteers are needed to chaperone and drive mothers and children from the Geraldine Young House to Disney on Ice at the First Mariner Arena located at 201 W Baltimore St on October 28 at 6:00pm. Show starts at 7:30pm.   Volunteers will pick up the tenants, attend Disney on Ice, and then drop them off at Geraldine Young when the show is over.  Volunteers are required to pay $10 for their ticket (original tickets are between $39-$138).  Volunteers are welcome to bring their families as well.  Please contact afrancis@hopesprings.org by October 24 if interested in this opportunity.  Also, tenants of Geraldine Young will be required to sign a liability release and bring their own car seats for their kids.

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