Book Club Week 2

BOOK CLUB REMINDER:  The second week of our book club meets THIS THURSDAY AT 7PM at the Towson Library.  We will discuss chapters 4-7 of Global Soccer Mom by Shayne Moore.  If you are reading the book on your own, here are the questions that we talked about last week.  Hope to see you Thursday!

Foreword by Elisa Morgan

1) Reflect on Elisa’s comments on Mark 14:1-9, Mary’s gift of nard (page 8). Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by the world’s need? Are you content to do/offer simply what you can?

Chapter 1- Caretakers of the Group

1) Shayne describes reflections of her time in Kenya. Has anyone in the group had cross-cultural experience that helped to shape them? If so, feel free to share an example of something you learned.

2) On p. 27, Shayne writes, ‘in the muddy yard outside the hospital, all the dots are connecting,” as she realized that advocacy efforts really do matter. Has anyone had a life experience in which “all the dots connected?”

Chapter 2- Shaking the Foundation

1) On page 31, Shayne tells God, “I am in here to pray for Stan,” as she receives a nudging to go next door to the convent, but decides to listen to the nudging and goes to the convent. Have any of you ever had an experience in which you were doing something for God, only to realize he wanted you to do something else?

2) Do you believe God talks to people? In what ways have you most frequently heard from God? Describe your experiences with hearing God’s voice.

3) On page 33, the sister exclaims, “The revelation of Francis is all people are Christ! We are to see past the created, the individual, and see the Creator.” Take a minute to envision this. Do you think we, as Christians, do this? How frequently? How can we be more mindful of doing so?

Chapter 3-Voices

1)Have you ever been in a situation when Christians are overly judgmental, critical or close-minded?  Have you ever been that person?  How can this attitude change within the church?  What does Scripture have to say about these attitudes.

2)Reflect on Bono’s call to action on page 48.  What is your understanding of the church in the world?  What is the church’s role in fighting poverty, disease, and oppression.

3)Reflect on the first statistic on page 49 about Christians donating to AIDS relief and education.  If attitudes within the church have changed since 2002, why do you think the change occurred?  Why do you think that attitude existed in the first place?

Next meetings:

10/27: Discuss chapters 8, 9, 10

11/3: Discuss chapters  11, 12, and 13

11/13: Shayne Moore event

One thought on “Book Club Week 2

  1. thank you so much for posting the questions and times for the book club. I am reading her book and enjoying it very much as well as being challenged. I can’t make it this evening but hope to attend in November.
    Nancy Young

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