Yard Sale Update with Slideshow

The yard sale was a huge success and God blessed the day is so many ways: New friends to World Relief, to Women Who Stand, to Central Presbyterian…a spirit of community and a huge encouragement to everyone who was there.  A knowing that WWS is making a difference in the lives of their sisters in Malawi and Cambodia.

And God covered us with His presence in so many ways:

People came from everywhere to donate.  One woman heard about the yard sale and dropped off two car loads of stuff for us to sell.  She is not a believer, but she mentioned to one Central Member that she is really interested in learning more about Women Who Stand. People came from local preschools (Ascension, Woodbrook) to drop stuff off.  In all, at least 50 people donated items for the sale.

We spent 12 hours moving the stuff from the basement to the parking lot with the help of many people.  One woman saw our ad on Craig’s List and called to volunteer her time.  Members of Women Who Stand, our children, their friends, the Middle Schoolers at Central, and members of Young Life came out to help. On Saturday, many high school youth from Central were there to help as well as 7 people who are not affiliated with Women Who Stand (YET!)

Fresh Market, Simons Bakery and a woman from church all donated baked goods for the sale.  In addition, Chick-fil-a sold us breakfast sandwiches at cost for us to resell at the sale.

With the leftover yard sale items, Women Who Stand was able to support other ministries in the area including HopeSprings, Maryland’s Ronald McDonald House, Sarah’s Hope, the free book store and Goodwill. We donated the leftover drinks and baked goods to the youth at Central.  The leftover breakfast sandwiches went to the Goodwill Warehouse.

A family recently had damaged their dining room set and wasn’t sure how they were going to fix it.  They walked in to the furniture area and there was the exact same table and chairs for sale.

It was a great day in so many ways…loads and loads of smiles and happy customers!


3 thoughts on “Yard Sale Update with Slideshow

  1. Raise a glass to the WOMEN WHO STAND!! Hooray to all worked so hard for those sisters who suffer through hard days every day… it is an honor and privalege to STAND with you all!! (Super durper huzzahs for Kris and Kim and Nancy and all who wresteled the stuff up and down the stairs!!)

    What a beautiful day we live in!!

  2. Finally got to see this much after the fact (things take MUCH longer to download here in Malawi) Looks like so much energy and fun, now I’m even more sorry I wasn’t there and able to be a part of it all! I salute and honor the women who did all the very hard work involved in an event like this, and the women they did it for. Thank God for Women Who Stand!

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